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Bomba Grup is a diversified investment holding company that oversees various entities. We maximize synergies between fields effort, to maximize potential and the optimal economic value of upstream to downstream. Started business in trading sector since 2000 we continue to expand into the mining sector and plantations, as well as expansion into logistics & services business and energy production in an effort to diversify and build integrated value chain. Over the past few years, Bomba Group has continued to perform exploration and development of the potential of the area through acquisition of various entities and optimal business development.

Bomba Grup has 4 business lines major, namely Bomba Coal Mining, Bomba Agribusiness, Bomba Logistics & Services, and Bomba Energy. Apart from the four lines business, Bomba Group also owns businesses in property and information technology.

Are you a high motivated person, hard worker and love challenges and exposures?

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Mine Plan Engineer Supervisor


• Minimum Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree (D3/S1) from any major, preferably majoring in Mining Engineering/Engineering/Geology,etc.

• Minimum 3 years of experience as Mine Plan Engineer from Coal Mining Industry.

• Proficient in using Mining Software (Minescape, X-pac / Spry, Surpac, Minex, etc).

• Good communication and interpersonal skil.

• High motivation and good team work.

• Able to work with minimum supervision.

Job Description:

• Detailing the quarterly mine plan design provided by Project & Engineering Dept Head into a monthly plan (Short Term Plan).

• Submitting monthly mine plan information to the Project & Engineering Dept Head and the Production Department (production targets) as field implementers of what has been planned.

• Make monthly mine planning including access ramp, number of main & supporting fleet units, disposal area capacity, haul road profile from OB transportation to disposal, stock soil area placement and other restricted areas.

• Making monthly mine planning includes: calculating the effective working time, calculating the production of the unit and calculating the production of OB and coal from the mining sequence.

• Reporting to superiors what has been planned so that superiors can make policies according to what has been planned.

• Make model adjustments in case of model changes.

• Comparing Plan Actual modelling and production targets.

• Perform the calculation of the remaining reserved against the actual on each mined block.

• Designing mine progress in accordance with geotechnical study recommendations.

• Plan for mining support facilities such as; workshop, settling pond, trench, etc. if needed.

• Make weekly resumes in the form of production data, tool unit performance, weather and evaluation of equipment rental vendors.

• Make a monthly report containing OB production data (comparison of truck account vs survey calculations), coal production data (comparison of weighbridge vs survey calculations), fuel consumption & fuel ratio, tool performance, production gain & loss, photos of him mine area, mine progress complete map, mine situation map.

• Conduct coordination meetings with the production department on the monthly mining work plan.

• If there are emergency matters that can interfere with the smooth implementation of the monthly mining plan, immediately coordinate with other departments.

• Coordinate with other departments if the surveyor team is seconded in other departments.

• Submitting a procurement of goods if the need in the engineering department is felt to be lacking.

• Prepare technical data and supporting data for the needs of making mine closure plans, reclamation documents and RKAB.

• Recap production data for reconciliation purposes to the local ESDM Office.

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