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PT Halmahera Sukses Mineral is a growing company which focuses on mining within the mineral industry. We are committed to prioritize the operational safety & the production quality, parallel to support the environment sustainability. 

Our venture believes in excellent internal management and a responsible operational team in obtaining & excavating the most-qualified mineral in Central Halmahera. Our business streams are aligned in nature, but primarily nickel. The high-grade nickel matte then can be processed comprehensively and be converted for everyday life usage. The nickel is currently one of crucial raw material used among metal / steel industries. In the continuation of adaptation & globalization, our production of nickel-bearing lithium-ion batteries can be used in various devices & electric vehicles . We will supply the high-grade nickel matte on a regular basis, and together with our long-term partner Tsingshan Group, we will convert the raw materials into metal/steel. This is a part of the foresight and dynamism of our excellent management as well as an equipped infrastructure to support our community, the public and its regional province.

The exploration & excavation started since December 2019 alongside with geologist who spearheaded the exploration in HSM.

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Environment Officer


  • Bertanggung jawab terhadap proses revegetasi, proses pemantauan lingkungan dan termasuk atas pelaporanya.


  • Pria usia maksimal 30 tahun.
  • Pendidikan minimal S1 Teknik Lingkungan/Kehutanan.
  • Memiliki sertifikasi POP, POPU & PPPA.
  • Dapat mengoperasikan & menguasai software komputer dengan baik seperti Ms. Office.
  • Pengalaman di posisi yang sama minimal 3 tahun di industri pertambangan.
  • Memiliki kepemimpinan yang kuat, analistis, berpikir kedepan, focus, dan pemecahan masalah yang baik.
  • Bersedia ditempatkan disite Maluku Utara dengan sistem roster.

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