Geotech Technician Coordinator

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PT Mifa Saudara is one of the subsidiaries of PT ABM Investama and PT Media Djaya Bersama, which operates in West Aceh, Aceh Province and is engaged in coal mining opening the opportunity to fill the following positions:

Geotech Technician Coordinator

Requirements :

  1. Male with a maximum age of 30 years
  2. Have 2-3 years of experience in the coal mining industry
  3. Have slope analysis skills (Software) – Slide/Geostudio/Slope-W/Plaxis
  4. Able to perform soil and rock lab tests
  5. Able to carry out geotechnical field investigations (Drilling, such as, CPT, retrievable)
  6. Able to analyze slope monitoring based on geotechnical instrument data

Responsibilites :

  1. Annual and monthly slope safety design review
  2. Actual design safety review
  3. Conducting Routine Geotechnical Inspections 3-4 Times a Week
  4. Monitoring slope stability
  5. Operate the Extensometer
  6. Operate the Piezometer
  7. Conduct geotechnical field tests (DCPT, Sondir)
  8. Do benchmarking
  9. Conducting soil and rock mechanics laboratory tests
  10. Reporting on Geotechnical Aspects on a weekly and monthly basis

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