On the 17th of November, MICROMINE launched it’s very first Global Virtual Event, 2020 UNPACKED. Now available on demand, see the new features our teams have been working on over the past six months to improve efficiency and profitability.

0:00 Holding Slide
0:09 Regional Manager Africa, Renier Strydom
2:10 Regional Manager Australia, Adam Brew
3:51 Regional Manager, Central Asia
5:08 Regional Manager Indonesia, Sahrul Hidayat
7:09 Regional Manager, Mongolia
7:37 Regional Manager REMEA, Boris Kurtsev
9:37 Regional Manager The Americas, Derek Cooper
11:44 CEO Welcome Address, Andrew Birch
17:00 Micromine 2021 Overview, Adrian Young
32:23 Micromine 2021 Client Testimonials
38:40 Pitram 5 Overview, Chris Higgins
47:30 Pitram Client Testimonials
51:35 Geobank 2021 Overview, Derek Vincent
1:01:27 Wrapping Up 2020 UNPACKED