Analysis of Bauxite Ore Beneficiation Methods

1. Ore washing is the simplest and most effective method to improve the aluminum-silicon ratio of bauxite. By washing the ore, the aluminum-silicon ratio of the ore can be increased by about 2 times, which is more effective for the sorting of loose ores. Ore washing is often combined with other sorting methods to form a ore washing (screening and washing)-classification-hand selection process.

2. Flotation separation can be used to separate diaspore and kaolinite, using oxidized paraffin soap and tar oil as collectors in alkaline medium. The bauxite flotation concentrate grade contains 49.65% alumina, and the recovery rate is 45.3%. For the desiliconization process of high-silica bauxite, flotation is more effective. The collectors of aluminum minerals include fatty acids and sulfonates, and the adjusters include sodium hexametaphosphate, tannin, sodium pyrophosphate, soda, Sodium carbonate.

Flotation beneficiation is a common method in various beneficiation processes. It is mainly used to separate diaspore and kaolinite, and alkaline substances are added to the flotation machine as a medium. So what are the factors that affect the flotation of bauxite?

(1) Flotation time. When the pulp is thick, the flotation time will be extended, which is beneficial to improve the recovery rate or increase the production capacity of the flotation machine.

(2) Recovery rate. When the pulp is very thin, the recovery rate is low, the concentration gradually increases, the recovery rate also increases gradually, and reaches the maximum value, and the recovery rate decreases after exceeding the optimum pulp concentration.

(3) Dosage of drugs. A certain concentration of chemicals must be maintained in the pulp to obtain good flotation results. When the pulp is thicker, the concentration of the liquid phase of the agent increases, and the dosage of the ore per ton of ore can be reduced, and vice versa.

(4) Water and electricity consumption. The thicker the pulp, the smaller the hydropower consumption to process a ton of ore.

(5) Concentrate quality. When the pulp is thin, the concentrate quality is higher; when the pulp is thick, the quality decreases.

(6) The production capacity of the flotation machine. As the concentration increases, the production capacity of the flotation machine can be increased.

3. Magnetic separation is used to separate iron-bearing minerals. The magnetic separator is mainly used to separate iron impurities in aluminum ore. When there are many impurities, iron impurities can be used as the main raw material for other purposes, thereby increasing the reporting investment ratio.

4. Chemical beneficiation method is mainly based on the hydrous aluminoband silicates in the minerals. As a result, part of the silica can be converted into tailings that have an amorphous shape and are easily dissolved into alkaline silica particles, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing the ratio of aluminum to silicon.