Bauxite Beneficiation & Tailings Reprocessing Process

A large amount of tailings are produced during the beneficiation process of bauxite. The stockpiling of tailings can not only bring about environmental pollution, land occupation and other problems. Waste of resources. my country’s research on bauxite tailings processing is in its infancy, and its utilization rate is only about 10%.

Processing: The commonly used beneficiation processes for bauxite are ore washing, flotation, magnetic separation, chemical beneficiation, etc., and the tailings can be treated by processes such as tailings wet discharge, dry stacking, and reprocessing.

Comprehensive utilization of bauxite tailings: the main chemical components of bauxite tailings are Al2O3 and SiO2, accounting for about 70% of the total. The main minerals of the tailings are diaspore and kaolinite, in addition to silica, illite and so on. Bauxite tailings can be used in building materials, such as the production of high-alumina cement, double-fast sand cement, building ceramics, non-fired porous bricks, prefabricated light bricks, etc. Bauxite tailings can be used in refractory materials. In addition, bauxite tailings are also used in rubber and plastic fillers.