Beneficiation Methods For Removing Mica From Quartz Sand

The air separation method is a gravity separation method with air as the separation medium. It has a wide range of applications and can separate ores with different densities, particle sizes, shapes, types, and properties in the moving air flow. After the raw ore is crushed, the shape of the ore changes. Mica has a certain degree of elasticity. When crushed together with other minerals, mica is easy to squeeze and peel off, while other brittle minerals are crushed into fine particles. When the minerals in the same particle size fall naturally by gravity, the wind resistance of the flaky mica is greater than that of the granular gangue minerals, and the falling speed is slower, so as to realize the separation from the gangue minerals.

At present, there are many types and models of air separators, and the technology is mature, which can be directly used in sand and gravel processing systems. The principle of air separation is similar to that of the sand and gravel system dust collector, which requires the raw ore to be kept dry, so the air separation method is only suitable for dry production of sand and gravel processing systems.