Fluorite Ore Flotation Methods & Influencing Factors

Comprehensively analyze the properties of ore, and customize a scientific flotation process in combination with the actual situation of the dressing plant and the investment budget. Follow a reasonable flotation agent system to obtain ideal economic benefits and beneficiation indicators.

1. Appropriate grinding fineness
It is necessary to choose the appropriate grinding fineness according to the embedded particle size of the effective minerals, so that the effective minerals and the gangue are generally dissociated, and the joints of the fluorite ore and the gangue minerals are minimized. It is necessary to avoid that the ore grinding fineness is too fine, which will cause the material to be over-grinded and muddy in the fluorite flotation process.

2. Properly increase the slurry temperature
Properly increasing the slurry temperature can improve the flotation index of fluorite
When the temperature is higher, the solubility of the carboxylic acid collector in the pulp increases, and it is easier to disperse, and the ability to collect fluorite ore is also stronger, and the recovery rate of fluorite ore is higher.
However, if the dissociation of fluorite ore is not complete, some gangue minerals will be separated out together with fluorite ore, which will result in lower quality of fluorite ore.
When the temperature is low, the collection ability of carboxylic acid collectors is weak, but some fluorspar ores with better buoyancy will still be sorted out. At this time, the quality of fluorite ore is high, but the recovery rate is low.

3. Dosage of inhibitors
Inhibitors mainly use water glass, followed by sodium metaphosphate, tannic acid, baked gum, starch, dextrin, lignosulfonate and so on. Among them, water glass is a commonly used inhibitor in fluorite flotation machine separation.
In order to improve the selective inhibitory ability of water glass, water glass and soluble salt can be formulated as a combined inhibitor.

4. Maintain proper slurry level
In the process of fluorite flotation beneficiation, the fluorite minerals with better buoyancy will preferentially reach the top layer of the foam layer. When the slurry level is low, the grade of fluorite concentrate is high, but its recovery rate is low; when the slurry level is high, the recovery rate of fluorite concentrate is high, but its ore grade is low.

5. PH value of pulp
When oleic acid is used as collector and the pH value is 8-11, the buoyancy is better, and the recovery rate of fluorite ore can reach 80%-90%.

6. Pre-softened water
When the water quality is relatively hard, the flotation fluorite water needs to be pre-softened before entering the flotation separation stage, such as adding sodium carbonate for softening.

7. Optimize the flotation process
When the middle ore returns in sequence, part of the gangue ore will always circulate in the fluorite flotation system, unable to throw the tail, thus affecting the fluorite flotation beneficiation index.
At this time, some middle ore with high gangue mineral content can be selected for concentrated re-election, and then the fluorite concentrate can be selected and returned to roughing, and the tailings can be directly thrown out.