Fuel: How to Maximize Material Moved Per Liter

Fuel is one of the greatest ongoing costs on a mine — and one of the best opportunities to affect real savings through technology and best practice implementation. This video examines two ways you can lower your fuel costs: by reducing the fuel you burn and by increasing the tons you move per liter. Improving efficiency is a key to both, and technology can help. By using Cat MineStar™ Terrain, miners can be sure that they’re moving the right material to the right place the first time. This increase in efficiency eliminates rehandling and reduces the fuel that would be burned as a result. We’ll hear from a miner who has successfully used Terrain to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, we’ll illustrate how haul road design can be improved to impact fuel consumption. Using Cat MineStar Fleet, a mine in Australia increased the time between fueling to reduce consumption while increasing productivity and profitability.