GEOVIA Block Modeler | Surpac

Analyze the spatial variability of earth characteristics and create volumetric models in GEOVIA Surpac

The GEOVIA Block Modeler role allows the user to analyze the spatial variability of earth characteristics and create regularized volumetric models of the combined set of characteristics. It integrates geology modeling, geostatistics and resource estimation. It also allows to perform bench based block grade control calculations for open cut operations.

– Integrated geology modeling, geostatistics and resource estimation allow all aspects of resource modeling to be done in the one environment.
– High performance estimation and constraint engines enables efficient resource generation
– Utilize data from other software packages with the use of Surpac’s sophisticated Data Plug-ins.
– Surpac has a worldwide reputation for being able to deliver; is easy to learn, use and customize.
– Tasks in Surpac can be automated for compliance with company-specific processes and data flows for increased time savings and consistency of execution.
– High adoption of Surpac makes it easy finding skilled workforce, while multilingual support for English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French make local workforce more productive.

– Calculate volume and quality of materials within extents of an area under investigation
– Create reports of any geological object according to international standards
– Generate volumetric block models & perform geostatistical analysis
– Evaluate mineral resources
– Produce outputs for regulatory reports and investment feasibility decisions.

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