GEOVIA Drill & Blast Designer | Surpac

Design and plan drill and blast patterns for surface and underground mining.
GEOVIA Surpac™ is one of the most widely used software systems of its kind in the world, supporting open pit and underground mining operations and exploration projects in more than 120 countries. Surpac enables mining practitioners to quantify and evaluate mineral deposits and to plan the efficient extraction of reserves. Design and plan suitable blast patterns to ensures monthly production tonnage targets are met, factoring in safety, materials and costs associated while looking for ways to reduce costs and improve performance.

– Improved Blasting practices through integrated view of all relevant mining data, such as geological and geotechnical models
– Improve resource recovery and reduce overall costs through the use of dedicated D&B Tools
– Utilize data from other software packages with the use of Surpac’s sophisticated Data Plug-ins.
– Surpac has a worldwide reputation for being able to deliver; is easy to learn, use and customize.
– Tasks in Surpac can be automated for compliance with company-specific processes and data flows for increased time savings and consistency of execution.
– High adoption of Surpac makes it easy finding skilled workforce, while multilingual support for English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French make local workforce more productive.

– Surface mining – efficient design of bench blast patterns considering blast hole layout, load & charging, detonation sequence and blast solids
– Underground mining – efficient design of underground ring or drill & blast patterns considering blast hole layout, load & charging, detonation sequence and drill rig parameters
– Produce reports, plans and visual outputs for production crews and required reporting for costs and volumetrics against targets.

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