GEOVIA Stope Optimizer | Surpac

Create optimal stope shapes for underground mining, maximizing resource management.

Create and consider multiple possible stope designs to determine the optimal design that meets a set of strategic objectives, often tied to extracting the highest possible economic value from a deposit. It determines the optimal underground mining areas in the form of stope designs, significantly reducing time taken compared to other methods.

– Determine the optimal underground mining areas in the form of Stope Designs and Shapes
– Significantly reduce time take compared to other methods
– Maximize recovered resource value for underground mines
– Integrated into Surpac for seamless user experience
– Utilize the Stope Optimization Scenario Management system to save time and manage options analyze
– Utilize data from other software packages with the use of Surpac’s sophisticated Data Plug-ins.
– Surpac has a worldwide reputation for being able to deliver; is easy to learn, use and customize.
– Tasks in Surpac can be automated for compliance with company-specific processes and data flows for increased time savings and consistency of execution.
– High adoption of Surpac makes it easy finding skilled workforce, while multilingual support for English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French make local workforce more productive.
– Provide a differentiator between competing products by bringing an end-to-end workflow.
Surpac now offers improved integration with MineSched through the use of metadata stored in SDM files

– Generates optimum stope designs for a range of underground mining methods
– Produces stope inventories from block models that spatially represent the location of mineralization
– Provides stope designs that maximizes recovered resource value above cut-off grade
– Allows for practical mining parameters such as minimum and maximum mining width, anticipated wall dilutions, minimum and maximum wall angles and many other factors
– Improved user experience with additional features to control stope shape generation

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