Progress of Five Spodumene Beneficiation Methods

It is a method of separating spodumene ore. The method is based on the fact that when natural spodumene is roasted at about 1100 °C, its crystals change from α-type to β-type, and at the same time, the volume expands and is easily broken into powder, so that spodumene and gangue can be obtained by selective grinding and screening. separation between minerals.
Two points must be paid attention to when applying the thermal cracking beneficiation method: ①Control the roasting temperature around 1100℃. When the temperature is too high, the mica present in the ore will sinter; when the temperature is too low, the transformation of spodumene from α to β is incomplete. ②The ore cannot contain a large amount of minerals that are easy to melt during roasting or other minerals with thermal cracking properties, otherwise the purpose of separating spodumene will not be achieved.

Which separating method is used to cooperate with each other to complete the selection of target minerals and make the product meet the requirements of sales grade, it needs to be selected according to the embedded characteristics of minerals, mineral composition and optionality. In the selection of spodumene, flotation separation is undoubtedly the most studied, the most mature, and the most utilized process. The optional test before ore dressing is very necessary. JXSC conducts ore analysis and beneficiation process design for the spodumene concentrator, with stable production indicators and good economic benefits.