Three Types Of Vanadium Ore Beneficiation Methods

1. vanadium-titanium magnetite ore

Magmatic vanadium-titanium magnetite ore is the main resource of titanium and vanadium in my country. The main useful minerals in the ore are titanomagnetite and ilmenite, which are mainly distributed in medium grains; gangues are mainly silicate minerals, and some also have carbonate minerals and apatite; often associated with vanadium, sulfur and cobalt components. Vanadium and cobalt are often isomorphic to iron and occur in titanomagnetite and pyrite, respectively. The beneficiation of this kind of ore generally uses weak magnetic separation to separate the vanadium iron concentrate, and then uses the combined method of gravity separation, strong magnetic separation, flotation and electric separation. Recovery of ilmenite from tailings and pyrite by flotation. The titanium contained in ferrovanadium concentrate cannot be removed by beneficiation and can be separated in smelting. In order to meet the amount of slag necessary for ironmaking with high titanium slag, it is sometimes unreasonable to increase the iron grade of ferrovanadium concentrate too much. The process of recovering titanium from magnetic separation tailings must first ensure that high-quality titanium concentrate is obtained. Various processes such as gravity separation, flotation, gravity separation-flotation, gravity separation-strong magnetic separation-flotation, gravity separation-strong magnetic separation have been studied. The ilmenite concentrate is selected by electric separation, which can increase the grade of titanium dioxide to more than 48%. The flotation of ilmenite is carried out in acidic pulp, and the recovery of cobalt from flotation of pyrite should be carried out before flotation of ilmenite. If the ore contains carbonate minerals, it must be pre-floated.

There are two smelting methods for the extraction of vanadium in ferrovanadium concentrate: fire method and wet method. Pyrovanadium extraction is the vanadium-containing molten iron obtained by smelting vanadium-iron concentrate in a blast furnace, and then blowing vanadium slag in a converter. The vanadium slag is further refined by wet method to obtain vanadium-containing products. Pyrovanadium extraction has been used in industrial production, but the recovery rate of vanadium is low. Wet method vanadium extraction is to directly carry out sodium roasting and leaching of iron concentrate to obtain vanadium-containing and iron-containing products, and the iron-containing products are sent to ironmaking. Wet vanadium extraction has better comprehensive utilization of resources and higher recovery rate of vanadium, but it is still in the stage of industrial experimentation. The method for extracting vanadium from hydrothermal type vanadium-containing iron ore is the same as above.