Which Effect Is Better Between Spiral Classifier & Hydrocyclone

The maintenance of the spiral classifier is mainly to replace the spiral lining and other daily maintenance. However, because the lining material is more expensive, its purchase and maintenance costs are high. In general, the investment price of a spiral classifier is higher than that of a hydrocyclone.

The equipment price of hydrocyclone is lower than that of spiral classifier. However, in addition to its own equipment, the hydrocyclone requires a series of necessary auxiliary equipment in the grading process, such as distributors, valves, pumps, etc., which increases some equipment investment. In terms of maintenance, the wear parts of hydrocyclones are mainly liners and overflow pipes.
Of course, the frequency and extent of wear is caused by a combination of factors such as material particle size, shape, and solids content. Therefore, its service life and maintenance cost can only be accurately obtained in the actual dressing practice.