Ball Mill Is Indispensable For Lithium Ore Processing

It is reported that the current annual national lithium metal consumption has exceeded 5 million tons, and has maintained an average annual growth rate of 20%. As an energy storage device, the lithium battery made of lithium metal has been widely used in the vigorous development of electric vehicles, aerospace, mobile phones and other industries. Not only the price of lithium ore has risen, but also the price of lithium carbonate has remained high. And lithium ore can not only be used in lithium batteries, but also in ceramics, metallurgy, porcelain extraction, special glass, chemical industry, etc. The application is also developing rapidly and expanding day by day. Lithium ore is an important raw material for human beings to solve long-term energy supply. Lithium resources are uniquely endowed, with a high proportion in the world, sitting on great resources, and a large market gap. The demand for lithium ore extraction process and equipment is soaring, among which the crushing and grinding process can be described as having great development prospects!