Cat® MD6240 Rotary Drill Walkaround

For large holes in hard and soft rock applications, the Cat MD6240 Rotary Drill is an all-around performer. It features a proven, robust design and heavy-duty systems for long life, allowing it to achieve high production levels. Its superior single, double-acting cylinder, cable pull-down system produces 24,000 kg (52,911 lb) of bit load force to achieve fast penetration rates for hole sizes up to 270 mm (10.6 in). Built to be productive, reliable, easy to service, safe and comfortable anywhere in the world, the MD6240 features advanced technology that supports its efficiency and low cost of ownership. Versatile and efficient, the MD6240 offers an exclusive patented Hammer/Tricone Pipe Rack that allows for conversion between tricone drilling, for soft rock conditions, and DTH drilling, for hard rock conditions, in less than five minutes. With these unique advantages and many more, this drill is ready to work and offers high performance. The MD6240 can also accommodate two mast sizes: 12 m and 15 m. Learn more at