GEOVIA Simultaneous Optimizer | Whittle

Unlock the hidden NPV with the power of GEOVIA Simultaneous Optimizer.

Simultaneous optimization unlocks the ultimate value of any mining enterprise by considering and simultaneously optimizing the Schedule, Cut-offs, Stockpiles and Blend for the life of the operation. Simultaneous optimization is able to find better outcomes compared to traditional methods resulting in higher Net Present Value (NPV) for the operation.

– Reveal and remove potential bottlenecks that may be counterintuitive or would not otherwise be seen
– Optimize multiple mines and processing paths simultaneously across – Schedule, Cut-Off Grade, Stockpiling, Blending and Capital to improve NPV beyond traditional sequential optimization approaches
– Has been shown to significantly improve NPV over traditional pit optimization approaches

– Extends GEOVIA Pushback Optimizer;
– Increase NPV beyond multiple sequential optimization mechanisms
– Simultaneously optimize the optimization mechanisms for cut-off, blending, stockpiling and sequencing to create the ultimate mine schedule
– Make individual optimization mechanisms more accessible in a single step
– Analyse and report using both standard Whittle outputs and advanced Spreadsheet Reporting
– Handle 30 processing paths as well as Capital or CAPEX Optimization

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