Steaming Across Panama: Bucyrus and the Digging of the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a 48 mile (77.1 kilometre) ship canal that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. August 15, 2014, marked the 100th anniversary of its opening, and in 2016 a 9-year expansion project was completed. Join us for a look back at the major role Bucyrus played in the construction of the Panama Canal.

The Isthmain Canal Commission for the Panama Canal construction project awarded their first steam shovel bid to Bucyrus (Caterpillar Inc. acquired Bucyrus International, Inc. on July 8, 2011) Ultimately, Bucyrus would be called upon to provide 70% of the equipment used to dig the canal.

In the years since its construction, several projects have helped to widen and expand the Panama Canal. Cat and Bucyrus products have been involved in the construction and expansion of the canal throughout its history, making progress possible.